Looking to work on something together? I’m always on the look out to collaborate with people on various projects! I have a background in PR and Marketing including social media management. So whether it's a one-off project, or long term partnership, drop me a line, salma@lemonandtahini.com to see how we can work together

Food Styling - Looking to get that perfect shot of your food that it will leave people salivating? Whether it’s for your cook book, magazine, advertisements or menus, I can style your recipes to make them look as delicious as they taste.

Photography - Need some mouthwatering photos to show off your appetising recipes, produce, drinks or menu? Armed with a camera, an eye for detail and style, I'm ready to capture that perfect shot.

Social Media Management / Content Creation- Social media is a vital part of modern marketing. The importance of having a strong social media presence is key in bringing your business up to speed and to showcase your brand. By building your brand awareness and ‘relationships’ you have the potential to increase your audience and therefore your sales. So if you need to ramp up your social media presence and get people talking about you, look no further! I can build a strong social media strategy for your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc) and implement them to get results.

Catering - Take the stress out of hosting a party with my homemade canapés, made fresh on the day. If you're looking to have a sit down dinner, together we can design a delicious menu to impress cooked either on location or pre-ordered (they won't know if you don't tell).